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Last week I posted about balance + burnout.

I admitted to you I was feeling the challenge of burnout and balancing creative pursuits with my 9-5 and personal life.

Several of you were kind and generous enough to share your feedback with me. Thank you for that 🙏

Leigh wrote:

There are 24 hours in the day. I dedicate 8 of it to sleep, so I have 16 other hours to get everything done. I learned the hard way what overwork can do to you (I ended up in the hospital due to chronic stress), so I insist on setting boundaries and limits with my 'second chance'.

1. Flexible work situation (I can work from home or from the office)
2. Ability to flex my hours. Absolutely crucial to picking kids up from school/to activities and also when I need to work on my side gig.
3. Acceptance of my side hustle.

Ayush shared a tweet about quitting his job with 24 months of savings:

Matthew wrote:

Know the hats you’re wearing (ex. dad, 9-5, freelancer).

Know the roles and responsibilities affiliated with each - because they marry purpose with execution.

Make time to step back and review the hats and corresponding roles and responsibilities to look for leverage.

When you’re burning out, it’s like being in the wrong gear on a bike (in a car, whatever makes sense to you). You either have to stop altogether or change gears. The hats, the roles and responsibilities, and the leverage points can help trouble shoot this. 

From there, it’s all about setting some high bars to reach for and corresponding safety nets for each. That includes “if I start burning out here’s what I cut first” and “if I discover free time here’s where I want to default place my focus.”

These responses were greatly appreciated, and although I’m still struggling with balance, it’s helpful to see I’m not in this alone.

This is an important topic that affects many of us and I hope to expand on it in a longer post as I gather more information and feedback. Feel free to share your experience with me by replying to this email — everyone is welcome to share!


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Knowledge is the currency of growth.

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📩 The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Creators by Welly Mulia
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💲 Creator Earnings Benchmark Report by Influencer Marketing Hub
Creators looking to make a living online should read this for motivation—or maybe not…? From the article ↓↓

  • 46% of Creators who have been building an audience for 4+ years earn over $20k annually across their monetized channels.”
    My take: this isn’t worth it the full-time effort. Instead, maintain a “safety net” with your 9-5 and after 4 years, I’m positive you could earn $20k of annual side income.

  • “Of the surveyed Creators that considered themselves full time Creators, ie. content creation is their main source of income – 78% make more than $23,500 annually.
    My take: this is more positive, but the first words that come to mind are “I sure hope so!” I wouldn’t be able to pay bills and survive very comfortably for $23,500/yr. Millennials living rent free in their parents’ basement? Sure. Not for the “older” (hi 👋) creators who are hoping to pay a mortgage, feed a family, etc.

    The good news? Stick with the Creator thing for 6+ years and your odds at earning 6 figures go up significantly. Patience is not only a virtue, it’s a must.

(BTW, I got this from the #CreatorSpaces weekly newsletter)

🏘 Community DAOs by Patrick Rivera
DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
Imagine building a community where the members are literally invested. Instead of joining a community being a transactional relationship, it’s a partnership. This is precisely what The Tilt is doing along with MANY other creators on and other networks.

This is Web3 and as a creator, I recommend learning as much as you can 💡

(BTW, I found this in the Idea Economy newsletter)

The 4 Stages of Copywriting by Julia Saxena
Julia’s Twitter thread hits on the 4-key points below—but check it out for additional high-value insights & tips 👌

4 Stages of Copywriting

  1. Researching

  2. Writing

  3. Editing

  4. Testing

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