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Can you relate?

I’m feeling the burn(out) 🔥 of balancing the growth of this newsletter, my online creator & freelancing aspirations—and my “real life” with my amazing family and a full-time 9-5.

I’m coincidentally working on a post about “career purgatory” which I’m finding myself and others to be potentially stuck in.

I want to provide some insights and ways to navigate your 9-5 while trying to break into the creator economy.

It’s pretty clear that many are pursuing side gigs in some capacity (👋), resulting in plateaus, burnout, and struggles with focus—in either direction.

I need to do a bit more research but believe it’s worth a deeper dive.

But… what do YOU think?
→ How are you managing it all?
→ What have you found to be most helpful?

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🔦 HARSH MAKADIA || Harsh is a talented nocode developer creating all sorts of interesting tools for the creator economy. He’s also crushing Twitter lately—as you’ll see in one of the Growth Currency links below. Don’t miss it!

🔦 JOE PULIZZI || Joe coined the term ‘content marketing’ over a decade ago, and has since started Content Marketing Institute (CMI), several podcasts, and most recently The Tilt newsletter and $TILT creator coin & community (←highly recommend, see below!)


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📸 James Clear’s Instagram Strategy by Karolin Wanner
James Clear could probably post pics of paint drying on his IG account and still get thousands of likes. Still, his IG strategy is effective—more importantly, simple for the fellow creator: Use a small handful of templates and recycle your content through.

(I found this via Josh Spector’s For The Interested Newsletter)

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🐦 11 Tweet Formats Used to Gain 4,000 Likes by Harsh Makadia

Twitter is a game and the winners leverage new types of formats to “stop the scroll” and get engagement. Use these stellar tweet formats from Harsh to crush your Twitter feed.

💲 Freelance Pricing Calculator by Neville Medhora from Copywriting Course
Not only a calculator but more importantly—a pricing strategy.

📩 Million Dollar Email Templates 2.01 by AppSumo

For $7, you get:

40+ templates for sales, outreach, partnerships, backlinks, and more
→ Access to REAL templates that the AppSumo and Sumo Group teams have used to generate millions of dollars
→ Lifetime Access to all new templates added regularly

Twitter Rolling out Bitcoin Tipping Feature
This isn’t official yet, but it’s likely just a matter of time before most platforms support a crypto payment/tipping feature.

(PS - have you got your Coinbase2 account yet?)

🎯 3 Levels of Finding Your Niche by Rob Hardy
This helpful article will help you figure out how to go about finding your niche. Sometimes it’s clear. Sometimes we need help. I know I did.

💰 How To Boost Sales by Josh Spector
Sales can feel slimy sometimes. Not with these tips, though.

These tips include…

→ Ask a previous buyer for a testimonial
→ Raise your price by 10%
→ Send a 9-word email

Read the whole article for more details 🙌

📢 — Be a guest on a podcast to get in front of other people’s audiences. Guest appearances on podcasts are a great strategy to increase your digital presence and audience. It’s worked for many—including myself, and it can work for you too!

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→ How are you managing it all?
→ What have you found to be most helpful?
→ What’s your game plan?

I think this information could be really helpful for many, so if you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear it!

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