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What he’s doing:
Griffin’s writing & recording The In-Between Newsletter & Podcast breaking down topics rarely taught well, or even at all. He’s grown his newsletter to over 310 subscribers and his podcast is a nice audio option for similar content.
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His content is solid and each weekend you’ll receive: 1 newsletter article + 1 podcast episode—straight to your inbox! Check out Griffin’s work and give him a follow + subscribe if it’s your jam!

What he’s doing:
John’s building a stellar site and newsletter called Idea Economy which is a vast resource for creators. It’s what I wish Growth Currency⚡ was, if I’m being honest!
Why you should follow him:
John is all about serving up tons of value and doesn’t put much of anything behind a paywall—yet. Follow him on Twitter and better yet, sign up for his newsletter 🔥


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Simplify Your Content Strategy
Don’t complicate your content marketing strategy. Just take the leap and yell, “Cannonball!”


How to make a portfolio of content ideas on Twitter by John Paul Hernandez
We all want more ideas. We all want to be more prolific on Twitter—no? Just me?


Airtable — Combining “the familiarity of a spreadsheet with the power of a database”, Airtable is my new go-to for all things personal & professional management & organization (sorry Notion)..

I put off using Airtable for too long. 🤯 It helps organize and focus my ADHD brain and I love it. And it works great with Zapier and Integromat*rubs hands together at the automation possibilities like some kind of evil genius*

NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend going through the training videos before diving in. These videos were key for my conversion and increased knowledge, comfort & productivity with the platform. Curious to hear your thoughts on this one!


Best Story Wins by Morgan Housel
Do you want your writing to win?

I love Morgan’s work and if you haven’t read The Psychology of Money, add it to your reading list.

But this much shorter piece captures the importance of using stories in your writing to persuade people to your point of view.

“…the person who tells the most compelling story wins. Not who has the best idea, or the right answer. Just whoever tells a story that catches people’s attention and gets them to nod their heads.”

Use stories in your writing to capture and maintain people’s attention, spark imagination, provoke curiosity, and persuade them to your positioning.


BitClout gives you $10 for signing up
Bitclout (aka Decentralized Twitter) may be a scam. But the longer it sticks around, the more I wonder…🤔

Two recent updates have reignited my curiosity with the platform:

1) DiamondHands (the BitClout creator) just announced all new & existing users of the platform get $10 USD worth of $BitClout ($10 USD = ~$0.10 BitClout)

2) BitClout has launched NFT galleries and the ability for any account to sell an NFT. For example, you can buy this NFT I just minted while writing this post. Wild times.

What do you think about the space? It’s a polarizing topic that intrigues me. Really curious to know your thoughts. Expect to see more about the NFT & DeFi space in upcoming editions.


Building a 6-Figure Side Hustle on Twitter: Audience Growth and Monetization w/ Dickie Bush via The Side Hustle Show
Just in time for the launch of the August Ship 30 For 301 cohort comes this interview from one of my favorite podcasts.

Listen as Dickie discusses…

→ Common Traits on Tweets That Have Gone Viral or Performed Well
→ How to Use Call-to-Actions on Twitter
→ The Benefits of Cohort-Based vs Evergreen Courses


30 Helpful Newsletters For Creators by Josh Spector
As much as I’d like to believe this is the only newsletter you need to help you grow as a creator (lol)… here are 30 quality newsletters “to help you grow your audience and career.”

No community updates this week. Want to promote a community? HMU! 📩 💬

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