Your Content Strategy can be this simple

Atomic Essays by Growth Currency


You’re 12 years old and you’re at the pool. Your friends (victims) are hanging out beside the pool on some chairs.

You’re on the diving board. They’re aloof to your plans. You spring as high as you can off the board. Mid-air, you yell as loud as you can, “CANNONBALL!” Your folded-up torso plunges into the water, and with a massive splash you drench your friends.


Your content needs a platform springboard. You need to take the plunge and publish it. And you need to soak your audience with it.

Call it... the Cannonball Content Strategy? Sure.

To reference the analogy, all you need are the following:

  • a platform (your diving board) to engage with and grow an audience

  • published content (your torso) you’ve published to garner attention and create interest

  • a distribution channel (your splash) where you immerse your audience in your brand

Using Growth Currency as an example...


I’ve published 99% of my content on Twitter. It’s where I’ve created awareness, interest, desire, and action (AIDA). It’s where I’ve grown my brand.


I’ve created helpful and engaging content and published it on Twitter. In turn, my Twitter following has grown and I’ve been able to drive those interested to subscribe to my distribution channel.


I’m not even sure if “distribution channel” is the right word... it’s more of a content hub. Regardless, this is where my pillar content lives. I use Substack. And it’s where I connect with those who went down the AIDA funnel and took ‘Action’ by subscribing. This could be your website, your email list, your Medium page, etc. It’s also where you’ll help drive promotions and direct communication with an engaged audience. This is where your 1,000 True Fans live.

So that’s the concept. Platform + Content + Distribution. The CannonBall Content Strategy

What’s yours?