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7 Ways To Create Your Own Opportunity

I resurfaced this Atomic Essay last weekend as the Ship 30 For 301 June cohort began—inspired to share Brian To’s tweet in the Quote RT.

Opportunity doesn’t just fall into your lap.

Though it appears that way for some successful folks.

“Wow, another overnight success! Lucky...”

Truth is, these people aren’t lucky. They created opportunity for themselves.

So how can you create your own opportunities? Here are 7 easy ways…

#1 Make some noise. The best way to start creating opportunity is to let people know you exist. It sounds simple. But if you're not making noise, nobody knows what you do. They don’t even know you exist. Stop lurking. Start posting.

#2 Start engaging with people. Engage with people in real life, engage with people on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram. Ask questions. Offer helpful feedback. Anywhere you can engage with people—engage.

#3 Find your tribe. This will take some exploration. It took me 10 months. But this will be a major factor in creating opportunity. Those in your tribe have similar interests and goals and they're looking for similar opportunities. A rising tide lifts all boats. A common tribe refines ideas.

#4 Start putting your work out there. So this is beyond engaging with others. You’re now showcasing your portfolio of expertise, what you're capable of, and what you're learning. You can show people what you're creating and building. Sharing it with people will help you figure out what's working.

#5 Connect with key influencers or thought leaders in your space. Pick their brains, send them a DM, ask them if they could make a Racket with you. A podcast episode, a Twitter space, a zoom call, a mini webinar. Whatever. But you have to ask. They say yes and bam—a new connection. The worst thing that can happen because they say no. Rejection is not failure. It's just an answer.

#6 Be consistent. Consistency breeds opportunity. Simple as that. So be consistent. Make it daily, make it often.

#7 Leverage others’ audiences.
• Go on others’ podcasts
• Write guest posts.
• Ask for a retweet.
• Hop into their Clubhouse room.
• Collaborate on a YouTube video or webinar.
• Get in front of their audience by showcasing your personality, knowledge, and content.

Implement these strategies and you’ll find opportunities suddenly start “falling in your lap.”

If you want to learn more about creating your own opportunities, connect with me and let’s chat!


Chad Underwood || My buddy, Chad, has a great newsletter I wanted to share. Every Thursday he sends tools & tips to help his neighbors. Each letter covers writing, content creation, and audience building. Check it out here.

Amanda Natividad || Writing about all things content marketing, community building, food & motherhood, Amanda is creating amazing content on her website & Twitter!

Arvid Kahl || Arvid recently released The Embedded Entrepreneur—and literally wrote the. book. in. public. His authenticity and transparency resonates hard with me.



The GaryVee Content Marketing Model by Gary Vaynerchuck
Download this 86-page FREE PDF for free from the King of Content Marketing himself.


23 Clever Pinned Tweet Ideas by Josh Spector
Josh writes a lot and has amassed a solid following on Twitter. Not only is he worth a follow, his email is worthy of your subscription. More than mine—by a long shot. This article showed up in my inbox today and I had to include it here.

A few of his examples:

🛠 TOOLS — Create a unique, professional logo for your business—using AI. Just enter a few details about your business/brand and let the machine do the work.

tl;dv — A virtual meeting platform focused on having fewer, shorter meetings by allowing you to record your meetings, tag important moments, and work asynchronously. I love their Manifesto, too.


Actionable tips on beating writer’s block by Revue
”If you’re worried that you can’t write anything good, just write something ‘bad’, then put your editor’s hat on, and tear it apart.” - Dan Harmon.

A few ideas to block writer’s block…

  • During the week, get into the habit of jotting down ideas and topic areas that come up in conversation

  • Know when you work best, and schedule your creation time in those hours.

  • Focus, and turn off your wifi.

  • Move to a new spot in the house or the office. A change of scenery can work wonders.


Newsletter Pricing 101 by
Questions this article will help you answer:

  • Writers: How should I price my newsletter? Where do I start?

  • Brands: What is a good, or average, cost per newsletter ad?


I was on a road trip this week and got to listen to a lot of amazing podcasts. These two stood out, though.

Podcast episode for building an online biz:
My First Million:
Greatest Hits #6 - Sam Tells All, Again - Selling for 10s of Millions after Making Millions with an Email Newsletter

Podcast episode for being a better human:
Danny Miranda Podcast: #109: Espree Devora – From Hustle To Inner Ease


📷 The $100B Creator Economy and the Startups Hiding Inside by Joel Hansen at Kernal — Joel writes a few blazing newsletters each week—this one for Kernal.

The Neighbourhood Newsletter Issue #2 by Chad Underwood — Chad is keen on building community and his passion to help others shines through. Learn the simple strategy Chad used to break Twitter follower milestone.

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