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As a creator—and even as a curator—you’re bound to pivot.

Maybe your vision was crystal clear from the onset.

But most of us aren’t so lucky.

Instead, we fire off the creative launch pad, drunk on motivation, darting aimlessly at the vast skies without focusing on any destination in particular.

Most of us are missing that North Star in the beginning.

But as we create and ship our work, our content library grows, our community grows, and a North Star begins to emerge.

Where am I going with this?

I began this newsletter to fuel my passion for writing and curating tools & resources for like-minded individuals who were into personal finance, marketing & communications, writing, productivity, and podcasts.

Not exactly “niching down”.

But it’s time to pivot.

It’s time to take better aim at a North Star (and accept it’s okay if it changes).

I had a tiny epiphany this past week when reviewing my Twitter profile:

I’m not just curating content in this newsletter for a general audience. I’m curating content for creators.

Creators create, but they still consume—just not as much as the rest of us.

In other words: in order to focus on creating, your consumption has to serve you.

As a creator, if you can’t learn, curate or teach from what you’re consuming—you’re wasting your time. Instead, we need to be creating a content flywheel, balancing our consumption with creation and promotion.

Your creative inputs need to lead to creative outputs. You need to make the absolute most with what you consume.

And that’s where I want this newsletter to go: no longer named “Knowledge UP↑”— Growth Currency will be the resource for aspiring and experienced creators alike.

So let’s go 🔥


(*NEW SECTION* to highlight creators big and small doing interesting things)

Kostas is growing quite the audience on Twitter with his contrarian takes on personal finance and upgrading yourself. He’s recently released two (underpriced) eBooks:

The Road To F.I.R.E. : Finance and Investing For Beginners
Frauds, Bubbles & Manias: Stories from the biggest financial disasters in market history to help you avoid a similar fate

^not affiliate links.

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(A little dramatic, but trying to make a point: nothing can be built if nothing is ever created. And it happens to be on topic, so 🤷‍♂️)



Write AND publish your eBook in 7 DAYS
Annie Maguire wrote and published her eBook From Full-time to Freelance in 7 days. Get inspired and learn how you can finally publish your eBook, too.

Here are the steps she covers in more detail:

  • Day 1: Create a pre-sale landing page

  • Day 2: Write your outline

  • Day 3–4: Write, write, write

  • Day 5: Edit

  • Day 6: Create your cover

  • Day 7: Format

Sadly, Annie’s not on Twitter. But you can follow her 👇 on LinkedIn

Annie Maguire on LinkedIn


The Twitter Ghostwriter’s Email Swipe File: JK Molina
I compiled JK Molina’s email automation series into a swipe file in Notion. Why? It’s not only loaded with advice to improve your Twitter game—it’s a masterclass in persuasion and email marketing.

Or, check out his pinned tweet for some more gold.

JK Molina on Twitter


How The Hustle grew by 5x in 12 months to reach 550,000+ subscribers
A case study in how to grow by being different. Learn how The Hustle gets 40% open rates (2x better than cross-industry averages!)

We work hard on deliverability.
- Sam Parr, Founder & CEO of The Hustle


  • How The Hustle got their initial subscribers

  • What metrics they measure daily

  • What a typical day at The Hustle looks like

The Hustle on Twitter


Forcing Function Performance Library by Chris Sparks [FREE]
A forcing function is “an external stimulus that makes you get to where you want to be”1. Creators need a kick in the ass sometimes (almost always if you’re me) to get shit done. Chris Sparks’ FREE library of Forcing Functions provides many ass kicks. The list includes…

Systems Thinking
Choosing Goals
A Guide To Getting Unstuck
How To Beat Procrastination
→ a lot more…!

Chris Sparks on Twitter


Tiago Forte on The Nathan Barry Show (Feb. 01, 2021)
Nathan Barry (Founder & CEO at ConvertKit) discusses building an audience, an email list, and online courses with Tiago Forte. Tiago has built an email list of over 40,000 subscribers—earning him over $1,000,000/year with his cohort-based online course, Building A Second Brain. Creators looking to build an email list or creating an online course should heed Tiago’s advice:

“Have 5,000 people on an email list. So 5,000 people you can directly contact before I feel it’s worth the risk of putting out something that takes as much work as an online course .”

A lot of gems in this conversation. Give it a listen here.

Tiago Forte on Twitter

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