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Happy Tuesday, friends.


In my efforts to provide you with LOADS of value, I might have gotten carried away…

Last week’s newsletter had more links than you knew what to do with. My bad. Let’s refocus.

So this week’s newsletter is going to have fewer links so you don’t get link overwhelm1 and can truly benefit from the quality links here. I’m always striving for improvement, and thanks to friend & long-time subscriber, Andrew for the honest & timely feedback.

So with that, let’s get into it ↓↓↓↓↓


Chris Tweten || Chris is the CMO at GrowSurf—a slick email newsletter referral. He just launched a fun (and challenging) game called Guess The Growth.
Marie Poulin || The incredible builder of Notion Mastery and dropping TONS of value on her YouTube channel.
Blake Emal || The CMO at copy.ai and master Twitter thread writer. Follow for 🤯




Taking a weekly stroll through my Bookmarks 🔖


MyFocusSpace — The #2 product on Product Hunt today, MyFocusSpace is made for those of us working from home and struggling with focus & accountability—as they bring you a live accountability partner. Start for free!

ilo.so — Twitter analytics that focus on the things that matter. “Understand how your tweets perform, so you can get better at Twitter.” Free trial available!


Mini Copy School by CopyHackers.com
Get a ⚡QUICK⚡ copy lesson and the chance to apply what you’ve learned with Mini Copy School by CopyHackers.com.


What I've learned by analyzing hundreds of Titles by Ivan Romanovich
A quality Title is something that allows your content not to drown in the ocean of modern content.” Ivan has analyzed a hundreds of stand-out Titles from IndieHackers and organized them into categories. A great read on writing good headlines.


How to monetize your newsletter with affiliate links by NewsletterCrew.com
Okay okay, I’m taking notes. And so should you if you want to start monetizing your newsletter. What I found most interesting:

  • What is the best case scenario to use affiliate links?

  • Where can newsletter writers find brands that will agree to be affiliate partners?

  • Are there any downsides to affiliate marketing?


Refactoring Growth by Corey Haines — this CBC is back open until June 6th (hurry!) for another round. Check out the membership page to see the shit-ton of value Corey is offering.

Audience + Income2 by Justin & Jennifer Welsh — After a successful month of launching & refinement, Audience + Income is opening up for another round of applications—until June 9th. This is THE community to join if you want to massively increase your LinkedIn presence and grow your business.

Well hey, that’s that! Another week in the books. I’m so glad to have you hear, from the bottom of my heart 🧡. This was my 20th edition of this newsletter and I’m on a journey to hit 100, so stick around and let’s do this together, okay?

Hang out with me on Twitter and let me know your favorite resource in this week’s newsletter. And one thing that could be improved. I will shout you out if you do!

Appreciate you either way, thanks for reading—I’m off to bed 😴

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Peace and plutonic love ✌


I’m coining that term.


I’m a member of the Audience + Income community and I love it. If you apply & join A+I via this link, you will help support this newsletter at no extra charge to you.