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Codie Sanchez || Codie has been building the newsletter for a while and offers massive value with every inbox hit.

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Taking a stroll through my bookmarks this week…


21 Tactics to Help You Become a Better Writer by Nat Eliason
Nat’s been writing online since 2013 and put together a list of tactics he used to become a better writer. The list includes sections on Word Choice, Writing Process, Editing, and Style.

Here are a few of my faves:
→ Use TK
→ Create People and Avatars, not Descriptions
→ Create a Mega Outline

Nat Eliason on Twitter


11 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Engagement & Sales by
Some stellar tips in this article by Best unique bits of advice:

→ Master The Welcome Email
→ Focus On The Relationship
→ Find The Mavens & Connectors

Email Mastery on Twitter


Shiny Object Social ClubJoin Tom Osman and over 200 other Creators, Automators and Builders “drinking from a fire hose of new products, trends, startups and opportunities.”

Newsletter CrewI’m a fan of newsletters—and I write one—so this is right up my alley. Get a weekly newsletter about writing weekly newsletters (so meta), along with great tips on how to promote your newsletter, writing headlines, and monetization 🤑.


Series: Experts vs. Explorers, The Gap, Creative Reps on the Unthinkable Podcast with Jay Acunzo
If you are a creator in any way, shape or form—stop whatever podcast you’re listening to and check out Jay’s miniseries here. High value here. Not to mention Jay does a remarkable job producing, recording, and editing his own damn podcast 🤯
(h/t to Delano for introducing me to this!)

Jay Acunzo on Twitter

🛠TOOLS — create a status bar around your Twitter profile pic. See my profile for an example :)

Racket — Make a 9-minute (or shorter) podcast on Cool! The catch?: it’s in Beta mode, so you need an invite code (thanks, Clubhouse…..) OR you need to get 10 followers. Here’s the deal: if you sign up, follow me and I’ll know to follow you back. Then I’ll tweet out everyone’s name in a list for even more followers. Deal? Let’s go!

Zlappo1 — Schedule your tweet threads, Auto-Recycle Evergreen Content 🌲 and increase your Twitter engagement with Zlappo. I use it and love it!


Derek Sivers’ Book Reviews by Derek Sivers
Can’t decide on your next ‘self help’ book? This is resource by Derek Sivers might help. I’m in awe of Derek: he’s not only read 100’s of books—he’s compiled pages of notes for each one.

Derek Sivers on Twitter

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