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It’s edition #37 — welcome in!

Great to see some new faces here, including Kevon, Ruth, Paula, Germán & Qadir! Thank you for joining us 🙏

🎙 I was on the Reinvention Roadmap Podcast

I had an awesome time chatting with Sushil about my journey as a creator with Twitter and this newsletter, along with some other tidbits.

Sample this video at the bookmarks below (kudos to Sushil for putting in that extra effort — super helpful!)

Here’s what we discussed:

01:44 Growth Currency Inspiration
04:02 Picking the marketing niche
05:34 How to bring your products to market
09:28 Authenticity and Growth
15:07 Picking a name
17:22 Creator Life Balance
18:53 Daily Rituals
21:42 Creator Economy
23:36 How to stand out in a saturated market
27:58 Managing expectations and staying committed
31:45 What is next for Growth Currency?
34:44 Self-care routine
38:24 NFL and Closing thoughts

🔶 The Tilt’s BIG Tilt Nation Contest

FIRST: if you’re a content marketer or creator, you should be subscribed to The Tilt.

The Tilt is a newsletter that gives you ”Everything you need to build your own personal content empire. Delivered to you twice a week.” -

Why am I so bullish on The Tilt? They’re doing things differently.

I’ve mentioned The Tilt and their $TILT coin incentive/strategy before (A Creator Coin Strategy). Their strategy isn’t unique, but it’s been my first foray into a community that pays you to join. And I’m now fully immersed in their community and their commerce.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be in had it not been for that $5 incentive..

You get $5 USD in $TILT for every subscriber you refer. $TILT holders get benefits in the Tilt community, so keep that in mind (the more you own, the more benefits/rewards you receive).

→ The “winner” with the most referrals chooses their prize of:
a) $200 USD in $TILT—which you can hold, trade, or exchange for “real” USD
b) a shoutout in The Tilt newsletter promoting your cause or business to over 8,200 subscribers (a $200 USD value)

This is a community that pays you to join. Now you can be rewarded as well for sharing The Tilt with friends.

Sign up for their newsletter—which is stellar btw—to participate.

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🔦 SUSHIL GANESH || Sushil is a fellow Ship 30 For 30 alumni who has recently started up a podcast I had the honor of being a guest on (as mentioned above)! Sushil is also a painter and a comedian. He has a lovely website where he sells his art prints and writes about being a creator.

🔦 NIALL DOHERTY || Niall writes the eBiz Facts newsletter which is LOADED with goods for solopreneurs and content entrepreneurs. Niall curates content but also writes about how he’s made a living as a digital nomad (see his financial reports). Take notes!

✍ Master The Creator Economy [5-Day Email Course]

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Justin’s content is gold when it comes to showing you how to earn an online income.


Knowledge is the currency of growth.

Let’s go! ↓↓↓

🛠 FollowShare — This free tool provides incentive for other Twitter accounts to follow you—other than your 🔥 content, of course. Other features coming soon. Interesting project by Dennis Zoma.

(via Pony Express newsletter)

🛠 TweetHunter — Constantly coming up with new ideas for tweets is hard. Use TweetHunter to curate ideas on any topic and then remix them to make them your own. Use it to grow your audience — OR — make some money by harnessing its power and build a ghost-tweeting business with!

🎧 Brian Chesky of AirBnB “Handcrafted” on Masters of Scale Podcast
Wanna know how the Airbnb founders approached ultimate customer experience and how they grew & scaled Airbnb? Give this a listen.

The big takeaway: “Do it by hand until it hurts.”

📸 I bought an Instagram page for $1400, made $2500 in 72 hours by DesignJoy
Building an audience is A LOT OF WORK. Brett Williams from DesignJoy decided he didn’t want to spend his valuable time building an audience. So he found one and bought it. Could this strategy work for you?

Here’s my tweet thread to break it down.

How I’ll make $10,000 a month selling a digital product by Tim Stoddart
This sounds like the dream, right? $10k MRR (monthly recurring revenue) from a digital asset 🔥 Tim lists out his step-by-step process of how he’s planning on doing this. Follow Tim on Twitter and watch him in action.

🎨 Course Mechanics Canvas by Wes Kao
Wes has some credibility when it comes to creating courses (built Akimbo with Seth Godin, co-founded Maven with Gagan Biyani), so when she writes a post this detailed about how to build a successful online course, you should pay attention.

(via Merott’s Course Creator’s Weekly newsletter)

Thanks for tuning in this week.

No special requests for you today. You’ve done enough just by reading to the end 💜

Be well, enjoy your families. Stay safe.

See you next week!

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