50 things to tweet, a creator coin strategy, 21 tactics to better writing.

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What he’s doing:
Merott is building CourseCreatorsWeekly.com and sending out a jam-packed weekly newsletter covering all things online course creation.
Why you should follow him: His newsletter is easy to digest and a valuable resource for anyone looking to build an online course. Highly recommend!

What he’s doing:
Adam is artist, videographer, and content marketer from the UK, whom I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with recently. He’s built a creative agency while publishing daily comics on marketing & content creation.
Why you should follow him:
He’s been publishing content for over 1300 days (correct me if I’m wrong, Adam). Adam is a beacon of consistency and proof of concept that “actually doing the thing helps you get better at the doing the thing.”


Here’s a thread a few about how to use Twitter with intention.



Do You Need Marketing Tracking and Automation by Justin Jackson of Transistor.fm
Justin’s been building SaaS businesses for 13 years, including Transistor.fm and writes, “I'm convinced that 90% of [tracking & automation] is unnecessary.”

This article lays out 5 steps to what’s worked for Justin in detail—and what might work for you—with minimal tracking or automation.

What really drives demand is a bunch of customers who actively want what you're selling.
- Justin Jackson


50 Things To Tweet by Blake Emal
Half the battle of the Twitter Growth game is coming up with things to tweet about—and things that get engagement, at that. Blake is about as close to a Twitter growth ‘guru’ as they come, and this investment for $5 is a worthwhile investment.

I grabbed it for $5 and I’m already inspired ✨


Content Marketing Hub by Brian Dean (Backlinko)
Brian Dean gives away a shitload of free content + resources most creators would be charging you $97, $197 or even $497 for. Brian would break records on Gumroad, without question. But instead, he puts out FREE content like the Content Marketing Hub.

Get free learning & resources for…

→ Content Marketing Fundamentals
→ Content Production
→ Blogging & Writing Content

…and more!


21 Tactics to Help You Become a Better Writer by Nat Eliason
This is one of the most useful “how-to” lists I’ve read on improving your writing. I’ve shared it before. And I’m sharing it again. And will probably do it again.


LIMELINK — Helping Podcasters Be Better
Jack Rhysider just popped up on my radar (thanks to Jay Clouse). He’s the creator of the popular Darknet Diaries podcast—but he’s put together this stellar resource to help others start & grow their own after growing his to wild success.

Some great resources you’ll find on this site include…
Podcast Marketing Strategies That Work
4 Methods for Finding Sponsors for Your Podcast
How Much Money do Podcasters Make?

If you’re starting or growing a podcast, this could be HUGE. Let me know what you think!


A Creator Coin Strategy by Joe Pulizzi
Patreon is great, but what about creating your own creator coin for your fans?

That’s what Joe Pulizzi from The Tilt1 did. That’s what a lot of creators are doing. This is an interesting piece on how you can have others invest in you as a creator while offering rewards and perks for your investors.

Here’s an example of that Joe is doing at The Tilt and with their $TILT coin:


📩 17 Non-Negotiable Things Your Email Newsletter Needs Right Now by Ann Handley
I love this article because it’s simple. There are so many easy wins here to improve both your emails and your writing.

A few helpful points from the article…
A non-neutral voice. You’re writing a letter, not reporting a five-car pileup on the freeway. Have an opinion. Tell me why I should care.
Lots of yous. Count the number of yous in an email newsletter. If you run out of fingers… you’re doing great.
Questions: “What do you think?” Constant audience feedback allows you to grow/adjust your focus.

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