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ConvertKit is holding a challenge for creators starting September 1st.

What you need to know:
→ The challenge runs September 1 to September 30
→ It costs you $0 dollars to sign up and participate
→ You need to build a landing page and get a minimum of 10 subscribers
→ Open to all ConvertKit users—new or existing, free or paid
→ You could earn up to $2,000 (see chart below)
→ You can earn as little as $25 if you get a minimum of 10 new subscribers

IN OTHER WORDS: GET PAID TO GROW! This is the kick-in-the-ass you need to stop deliberating and start building 😘


🔦 MIKO JAMES || A fellow Ship 30 alumni, I’m really digging the content Miko is creating. Miko’s a YouTuber, a podcaster, and a newsletter publisher. She’s living the full-stack creator life and I’m all for it.

🔦 ALETHEIA DÉLIVRÉ || Serving up delightful + insightful visuals on Twitter, Aletheia is a great follow. I’m now inspired AND hungry.


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The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing by Neil Patel
This article is data driven, which makes it that much more powerful (ie. it’s not just an opinion piece disguised as research).

Here are some gems from the article:
Craft a Compelling Headline: “analysis of 100 million headlines (…) found approximately 65 characters (about 11 words) is the sweet spot for headline length.”
Hook Readers With an Interesting Intro: “57 percent of page-viewing time is spent above the fold, before readers need to scroll. For the second screenful of content, that figure plummets to just 17 percent”


Finding Your Tribe On Twitter by Kevon Cheung
Kevin runs and has vast experience with startups, building audiences, and perhaps most important—finding your tribe. Take a read and follow his lead with this detailed step-by-step guide.


Uppbeat — I’m strongly considering starting a podcast. I would strongly consider background music. Making me strongly consider Uppbeat. Beautiful UX/UI and an amazing library of music to choose from… what more could you want? AND it’s FREE to start 🙌

Peppertype.ai1 — This handy & powerful tool leverages AI to help you create marketing content, including headlines, tweets ideas, product descriptions—in just seconds. It’s been designed & built with marketers & creators in mind, giving you 35+ different types of content to create in seconds, including…

→ Engaging Tweets
→ Blog Outlines
→ Headlines
→ YouTube video topic ideas

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Justin Welsh’s Swipe File Strategy
→ Justin spent $40.93 to generate $7,500 in sales.
You can too.

Use his strategy to create a swipe file (ie. curated collection) of valuable resources people would pay for. Then—use a nocode tool like SpreadSimple, Sheet2Site or Airtable & Softr to build a basic directory. Toss it on Gumroad and voilà!


I’m bullish on decentralization and the opportunity it presents for creators. This section will feature creator-focused information, tools, resources and guides for YOU to leverage DeFi, Crypto, and NFTs to join this new wave of earning $ online.


The Step By Step Guide To Getting Started on BitClout by Clement Bourcart
BitClout is proving to be less like a scam and more the way of the future—like it or not. Decentralized social media is just beginning. BitClout is the first major player and continues to grow. Use this guide by Clement Bourcart to get you started.
(I snagged this helpful article from Jessie Van Breugel)

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