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The path for this newsletter has taken this course:

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Creators like you want an easier-to-digest + focused resource to help them go from learning to earning. And that’s the new aim of this weekly edition.


What he’s doing: Andrew is Twitter’s Paul Revere: he’s a connector. He just launched a fantastic & FREE resource and rumor has it he’s already working on a follow-up product.
Why you should follow him: He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online. Andrew’s a Twitter friend to many and keen to help others. A very solid dude, give him a follow and send him a DM!

What he’s doing: Brian is a fellow Ship 30 For 301 and is writing about the creator economy, Twitter growth, and personal growth. Brian just launched his own newsletter as well and it’s going to be jam packed with value!
Why you should follow him: Brian’s writing will help guide your online journey with branding, writing, and growing on Twitter—not to mention he’s never one to shy away from engagement!


If I can do this, anyone can. And many do it much better than me. You probably can too!



Product Launch Checklist by Dan Siepen
Launching a product? Go through Dan’s thorough checklist. This is an incredibly useful FREE resource. Some items on the checklist include:

→ Have you reverse-engineered your competitors and what strategies they used for their launch?
→ Collect early stage social proof from close friends - Embed reviews, tweets, videos and other key elements of social proof to optimise for conversions from day 1
→ Capture emails + drive traffic from organic various traffic sources, whether that be ads or niche communities

[thanks to my friend Jaskaran for sharing this great site & resource in his newsletter]


Framework for Constructing Engaging Tweets by Andrew Choi
Double feature alert! As I alluded to earlier, my friend Andrew has launched his FREE personal framework for constructing engaging tweets on his way to 1K+ followers. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how he develops content for Twitter including 15 of his favorite tweets — breaking down key concepts & what he’s learned.




Lanva helps you grow faster by turning webinars, virtual events and Zoom recordings into engaging highlights within minutes.

→ Auto add subtitles
→ Add a progress bar
→ Resize clips for any social platform

Watch the short demo to really see the power of this tool!

[thanks to my friend Jeremy Enns for sharing this intriguing tool in his Creative Wayfinding newsletter ]


Freelancing? Create a Virtual Agency, Don’t Go It Alone! by Andy Strote
Andy wrote a whole book on this topic. It’s called How to Start A Successful Creative Agency and this in-depth blog post is a taste of how you can grow your creative skills like copywriting, programming, photography, graphic design, and filmmaking at scale into a virtual agency.

When you start your agency, make sure you know the difference between clients and one-off projects. It could be the difference between success and failure.


Viral Writing 101 with Shaan Puri, Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole
Shaan cohosts one of my favorite podcasts. Dickie and Cole run one of the best cohort based writing courses. This is gold, Jerry. Gold.


Meeps — Justin Jackson (Transistor.fm) & Josh Anderton (Upscribe) teamed up and built an all-in-one community/directory/newsletter platform.

There’s a lot of potential here and I’m stoked to see where it goes! Check it out 👇👇

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