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Before we dive into our links—here’s my mini essay this week is on Wes Kao’s Brand Marketing vs. Performance Marketing philosophy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What’s your preferred strategy? Does it align with your goals? Let me know!


William Willis || “Coach” Willis is firing up the Creator Campfires community while continuing to publish Adventures In Life every weekday. Inspiring stuff!

Michael Greenberg || Michael’s been creating like crazy with recorded Twitter Spaces which he’s turning into podcasts. A must-follow for incredible content for creators and business builders.

Aprilynn Alter || Aprilynn’s been busy building helping students find internships with top startups. She’s also leveraging Gumroad to sell her Twitter Banner Design services. Check her out if you need a banner refresh!

Simon Daley || Developer, maker, and creator of the community: “The place for makers to swap skills, learn and grow.” (I’m a proud member!)


Robbie is awesome and he has so much knowledge to share. Give him a follow if you’re not already → @RobbieCrab



Brand Marketing vs. Performance Marketing by Wes Kao
(The inspiration to my intro essay) Wes’ blog is a marketer’s treasure trove. This article is no different and really shines a light on the spectrum of “brand” vs. “performance’ marketing. The big message is there are business tradeoffs regardless of which end of the spectrum you choose.

🛠 TOOLS Digital nomading is bigger than ever. Started by Balaji Srinivasan, lets you objectively choose a city that’s best for your needs and wants. Try it free!

SleekBio1 — Another Link-in-Bio tool. But sleeker. I’m a big fan of Noah Kagan and AppSumo. They keep putting out some stellar entry-level tools with their freemium AppSumo Originals products and SleekBio is no exception.


75 Writing Prompts by Ness Labs
Another gem from Anne-Laure & friends at Ness Labs: “These writing prompts span topics such as creativity, productivity, science, and the human mind. Have fun!”


Six Questions To Help You Monetize Your Audience by Josh Spector
Josh is blowing up my inbox on the daily with amazing content for creators. Here are the 6 questions—see the article for more depth:

1. Will you monetize an audience of the many or the few?
2. Will you sell to an audience seeking a solution or an audience who doesn’t know they have a problem?
3. Will you teach people how to do something or do it for them?
4. Will you sell something that earns or costs?
5. Will you target new money or existing spend?
6. Will you sell to people once or over and over again?


Ship 30 For 30 — June Cohort2 (starts June 21!)
I know I’ve gushed over this program before, but it’s worth repeating because it’s simply life-changing. And it’s a game-changer for Twitter [see the image below!]. And here’s a mini thread how becoming a better writer helps you in life.

Top Stats = May 13 (Day 1 of Ship 30 For 30)
Bottom Stats = June 13 (Day 30 of Ship 30 For 30)

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This is an affiliate link because I’m a huge fan of what AppSumo has to offer: daily deals for geeks like me. And they keep coming out with super easy-to-use, helpful products like SleekBio.


This is an affiliate link as I’m a proud Ship 30 alumni and absolutely LOVED this course, the challenge, and the community. I can’t say enough about how amazing of an experience it was for myself and so many of the 371 who participated alongside me. Join now, you will not regret it.