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But first—a quick story why you can’t take your network for granted.

2019 was a turbulent year for myself and our family (much like 2020 was for the rest of the world):

→ I quit my corporate job
→ started & failed at my own business
→ family challenges & financial struggles
→ I got laid off

But one of the major learnings from 2019 was the power of relational equity. It saved me from being jobless & broke to having to decide which opportunity to pursue.

What is relational equity?

Think of it as the power of your network. It’s the relationships and connections you’ve authentically forged over the years, whether in college, in the business world or otherwise.

When I shut down my business and looked to get back into the corporate world—every opportunity that came my way was from my network. That’s the power of relational equity.

This equity is why you don’t burn bridges.
It’s why you help others.
It’s why you stay in touch.
It’s why you give more than you receive.

Then, when I got laid off at the end of 2019, it was the strength of my network that got me back on my feet.

And now in 2021, I’ve gone from being laid off to a director role in 13 months, thanks in part to my experience—but mostly to my network.

It truly is who you know.

So – how strong is your network? How much relational equity do you have?
*Hint: more on how to do this below.


(That quote came courtesy of Podcast Notes—if you know, you know1)


📈 Marketing (yourself)

Jordan Harbinger’s FREE 6-Minute Networking Course
Like I mentioned off the top: your network is powerful. While the term ‘networking’ might make your skin crawl, Jordan’s 6-Minute Networking Course is the most authentic and sincere way I’ve ever seen it taught—all for FREE.

“The program takes you through 12 missions of varying complexity that will nudge you ever so gently out of your comfort zone...”

The best part is the course takes little time or commitment yet has so much potential reward. Highly recommend.
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💰 Side Hustle

40 Best Side Hustles in 2021
You want to earn some extra income outside your 9-5 but don’t have ideas? Problem solved → check out Millennial Money Man’s list of 40 side hustle ideas you can start this year. You can make money renting out your car or taking online surveys—no more excuses about a lack of ideas. Get going. Get after it.
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💳 Personal Finance

The 7 Best Budgeting Apps of 2021 (
Time to come clean: I don’t use a budget. I keep my family’s finances in order by tracking our spending instead. It’s been a financial game changer & a huge anxiety reliever. That said, there are a TON of free and paid tools out there. We use—and love—HoneyMoney (affiliate) but this article by The Balance lays out the best options in 2021 for budgeting & tracking your expenses.
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“When you pay attention, attention pays you.” — Zach Tyler on Seb Talks Podcast
This conversation is a masterclass in building a personal brand online. I’ve mentioned Zach Tyler in a previous Knowledge UP↑ edition but his story is inspiring so I’m bringin’ it back. Zach appeared on the Seb Talks podcast this past summer and explained how he built Behavior Hack on Instagram to over 155,000 followers in under 2 years.
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The Ultimate Online Writing Republishing Framework
Nicolas Cole knows how to write online—and, perhaps more importantly—how to get eyeballs 👀 on your writing. He wrote on Quora every day for a year. His online works have had millions of views. He co-ran an agency at Now he’s teaching you his secrets. A must-follow on Twitter. But read this article FIRST >>> to “10x the reach of your online writing.”
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