Getting naked...

Atomic Essays

Publishing your work online, in public, is like going to a nude beach. 🏖

You hit ‘publish’ and you’re exposed. Everyone can see your bits—your thoughts.

But it’s a bit of a thrill, right? Your writing is out there for the whole world to see. It’s not like your words are in a book, behind some kind of paywall. Nobody’s paying for this peep show. You’re giving away the goods—for free.

And as I continue to play with this analogy (bear with me) let’s consider the stark contrast of feelings one feels simultaneously once their clothes are—er, once their words are published.

Your ego and pride want the world to read your thoughts. The literary exhibitionist in you is beaming with joy, attracting the attention your ego craves. As if attention declares your worth.

But then you suddenly realize you’re exposed. Your typos, not-so-woke points of view, faulty logic, and terrible analogies (ahem) are out in the open for all to see.

And your insecurities, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt all come rushing in to retract your thoughts before someone declares them worthless.

The temptation is to cover up, take your things and just go home. Delete it all, as if it never existed. Before anyone takes a screenshot. You’re scared of being over-exposed.

And you soon’re not alone. There are other imperfections out there.

In fact, not everyone is flawless. In fact, nobody is.

In fact—it’s the flaws that keep us humble, more relatable, pursuing better versions of ourselves. So any shame or embarrassment we feel is justified, but it’s no reason to stop publishing.

No. It is THE reason to keep baring it all. It is THE reason to keep publishing.