The 4 Pillars of A Successful Creator

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So you want to be an online creator?

I’ve analyzed several successful online creators and they seem to have followed these 4 pillars to achieve their success:

Learn → Create → Build → Sell

The Growth Currency ⚡ framework is built on these 4 pillars.


Knowledge is the currency of growth. And you don’t know what you don’t know. Learning is the first and most critical component of the whole process. Not only do you need to learn your particular trade & craft, but you also need to learn how to leverage platforms to build an audience & distribution, how to increase value & trust, and how to sell.


You’ve now learned the skills & basics. Time to create. This is the fun part. The creative part. The exploratory part. But it can also be the hard part. The frustrating part. The part where doubt sets in. But this is the most important part. It’s the core component. So start creating. Refine your ideas, solicit feedback, iterate—and continue.


You’ve got your product/content created, but you need to start building—and don’t confuse building with creating: ‘Build’ refers to building out your product offering, your sequences, funnels (if that’s your thing), and your audience or community, where you’ll also build trust and value.


Selling is polarizing. Some get giddy over selling—others (like me) shrink away and cower at the idea of “selling” something. Regardless, you need to sell what you’ve created to make money as a creator. Establishing trust and providing value to your audience will make selling a natural sequence—not an awkward conversation.