Earning income with my newsletter, Top 20 CTAs for Instant Leads, Memberships vs. Online Courses

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I'm writing & sending this newsletter to you from ConvertKit as I pivot from Substack. I still believe in the power of Substack for new creators which is why I wrote this How To Start A Newsletter with Substack guide this summer, featuring Substack. But it's time to move on, and I'll be chronicling this change as I progress.

(If you're impatient, feel free to reach out and ask me why I'm switching if you're eager.)

GROWTH INSIGHTS | Earning income with this newsletter

I started this newsletter with zero subscribers in January 2021. I had no idea what I was doing.

But 9 months later, I've managed to grow my list to over 790 subscribers and even earn a little bit of income from it. Just over $1,500 at this point.

My newsletter income is a mix of....

→ affiliate/referral link revenue ($683)
→ reader support (buymeacoffee - $20)
→ ads & sponsors ($815)

Now, if I divided my income by time spent on the newsletter—including growing the subscriber base—I'd be making less than $10/hr.

Not exactly the most lucrative endeavor...

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the earnings! BUT the real value has been the journey and the learnings I've gained publishing this newsletter for 39 weeks.

In other words, the money is an added bonus.

I'll go into more detail about growing and monetizing this newsletter in next week's edition—stay tuned!


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🎨 Brand Yourself as A Creator: The Ultimate Guide by Jessie van Breugel
Jessie is a personal branding expert. He's helped me shape Growth Currency, and now he's scaling his knowledge in the form of an ultimate guide to help the masses.

Who should get this? 👉 "Creators and entrepreneurs that are looking to (1) build their personal brand from scratch (2) or grow their personal brand into a money-making asset."

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20 Call to Action Examples that Create Instant Leads by Tim Stoddart of Copyblogger
Add these to your swipe file! Tim features 20 CTAs from some of the best in the business.

As per Tim, here's what makes a great Call To Action:

→ Create a strong setup
→ Use action words
→ Provide instant gratification
→ Create urgency
→ Make it irresistible

How To Write An Atomic Essay (300-500 Words) In 10 Minutes! by Nicolas Cole

Learn how to structure and write a short, powerful essay by one of the best around.

🎙 Welder — Welder is the "easiest way to record your remote podcast in high quality". The platform records each participant's audio locally, then uploads it throughout the recording. This is a great solution for video podcasts and audio-only podcasts alike. You also get a full transcription and a "live" timestamp feature.

Here's a quick demo

How To Get Repeat Customers For Your Business by Darius Foroux

"It can cost five times more resources to attract a new customer, rather than retain an existing one. When you increase the retention rate by a mere 5%, your profit can go up from 25% to 95%."

You should probably focus on retaining the ones you have. Here's how…

  1. Plan multiple products and services

  2. Serve your customer throughout their lifetime

  3. Price your products honestly

  4. Keep serving them

24 Concepts That Will Grow Your Audience and Business by Josh Spector

My favourites…

If you’re struggling to grow your audience, you need to do one of two things: Do More [or] Do Less
→ Self-promotion isn’t a selfish act.
→ You don’t need to be everywhere.
→ Your ideal audience are the people most likely to resonate with what you create and who you most want to serve.

Check out all 24 »

🎧 Memberships vs. Online Courses: Which Business Model is Right for You? by Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

Considering creating an online course? Or maybe a membership-based community? Listen to or read this compelling episode full of experienced perspectives from two people who have successfully done each:

Check out the debate »

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