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I didn't want to write this.

A few weeks ago I wrote about trying to balance life and manage creator burnout.

And it wasn't me telling you how to do it. It was me asking you how to f$%*ing do it.

It was an SOS.

I was asking because I knew subconsciously this feeling was inevitable—but I was hoping I wouldn't have to write this.

This week is the first week in 38 weeks (since starting this weekly newsletter) that I've really had trouble balancing it all. I had strongly considered taking a week off of shipping.

But I'm not doing that.

Missing once might not seem like a lot, but for me, it's a small hole in the dam. I need the streak. I need the dam to remain leak-free.

I don't want to find myself running out of fingers to plug more and more holes.

One of my favorite creators is the ridiculously talented Jay Acunzo. And his most recent podcast titled Going Streaking is why he's one of the best.

Jay examines the planning fallacy, and how we often overestimate what we can accomplish in the short term while underestimating what we can accomplish in the long term.

*I'm triggered as I listen.*

He just described everything I experience every damn (dam?) day: mornings promise hours of productivity yet by the day’s end, less than half my list is complete. On the other hand, I continually put off big projects because, "Where the hell do I start? I'll figure it out tomorrow."

The point is, setting a streak can be life-changing. It can save you from all of this.

And it's saved my butt this week. Why? I have a streak to maintain: 37 straight weeks of publishing this newsletter, this one being #38.

I will check it off my list.
I won’t put it off for for tomorrow.

I started this newsletter with aim of 100 straight weeks. It was a big goal. That’s 2 years. Somehow I knew intuitively that "keeping the streak" would keep the dam intact.

And so far, it has.

Here's to streaking 🥂


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