How To Grow Creatively, Mastering the Creator Economy, and Free Harvard Courses

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Knowledge is the currency of growth.

Let’s go! ↓↓↓

Beyond Social Media and Likes: How to Grow Creatively by John P. Weiss
I admire this article. It resonates with my ongoing battle with consumption vs. creation. This quote hits:

The ironic part is that if we spent more time honing our craft instead of chasing gimmicks, our creative work would improve exponentially. And the better the work, the more likely people will take notice.

Some amazing points to ponder:

💭 “What would happen if you stopped posting wanna-be content on social media and double-downed on honing your craftsmanship?”

💭 “What would your creative work look like if you subtracted the hours spent on social media and put them towards focused practice and perfecting your work?”

(via BrainPint)

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🎓 Harvard Online—For Free
Did you know you can audit a lot of university courses online for free? Here are some of Harvard’s offerings.

🤝 by Alex Friedman
Wanna work at a startup? Or are you a founder looking for talent? Check out FounderGigs by Alex Friedman.

🎯 Bullet-proof your Decision-making: 5 Steps To Decide Like A Pro by Chris Sparks
Chris writes, “We make hundreds of decisions every single day. With that in mind, even a small upgrade to your decision-making skills will create a staggering difference in your long-term trajectory. And yet, most people don’t bother building those skills.”

His 5 Steps are…

  1. Hurdles: Know when to move forward.

  2. Options: Generate alternative paths.

  3. Values: Know what you are optimizing for most.

  4. Assumptions: Always be validating.

  5. Predictions: Prevent potential negative scenarios.

🛠 The Complete List of Newsletter Tools by Newsletter Crew
I wrote a guide on starting, optimizing and growing your own newsletter based on my experience here on Substack. I wish I had seen this list first so I could have included it.

📸 Profile Pic Maker — Make an awesome profile picture from any photo!

(via Day One Creators)

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